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Love for perfumesinspires all the products realized by New Cosmesy. Exclusively produced in Private Label. With Full Service and Third-Party service, customer is assisted in all the phases.

New Cosmesy works with the most prestigious, international, and national brands, making of Made in Italy a philosophy of creativity, taste, and design.

Customer, after having shared his idea with marketing team and fragrances experts, shall work together with the project managers who will share their expertise and guide him in the realization of the project.

The product manager will set all details and will study the concretization of the idea and design analyzing the opportunities of this new project.

The project manager, supported by rendering useful for imagining the concept and by fragrances selected by expert noses, assisted by designers, laboratory technicians and by the Regulatory Compliance Specialist, will develop the project, compliant with brand identity, focusing on the olfactory and graphic coherence.

After creative development, project gets to the heart of production.

The production site, thanks to innovative and certified machineries, starts to product and macerate the perfume strictly following the formulation made by laboratory, obtaining a perfect mix with optimal quality.

Filling department is specialized in giving full-automatic or manual services based on the customers’ requests and on the preciousness of the product. Each perfume is single packed and then wrapped with luxury cellophane. All of this is made by following strictly quality controls which are in line with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices).

Production site, in collaboration with the logistic department, provides for the palletization of goods to grant shipments all over the globe.

The idea became reality, and it is ready to be commercialized!

Being on the internationalmarket since 1991, New Cosmesy is a family-run business which lives guided by passion and professionality gained during the years.

One of the largest perfume producers in Europe

The elevate productive standards and the flexibility of third-party service and full service, allow New Cosmesy to support the customers from the concept to the realization of the finished product.

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