A story born under the sign of love for perfume.

New Cosmesy was born in 1991 in Milan from an idea of Antonio Cinque. Character of humble origin with solid values and with a huge love towards the place who give him birth and from which he always takes inspiration and new passion for perfumes, Antonio Cinque decides to leave his beloved ones at the age of 20 years old to follow his dream: founding a company and becoming an entrepreneur. Everything starts from a small laboratory in which he began to create new fragrances; this is the soul of New Cosmesy. Values of family are the pillar of the business management and, for this reason, the founder of New Cosmesy is assisted by his wife Roberta and by the 2 daughters: Federica and Valentina. During the years, New Cosmesy has established itself as one of the most important productive sites in Europethrough the creation of perfumes for the most prestigious, international, and nationalbrands, making of Made in Italy a philosophy of creativity, taste, and design.

A constantly growing

The constant growth in turnover, over the last ten years, has led to the expansion of productive site and managerial staff.