The values and experience of a company founded in 1991. The passion that animates three generations.


One of the largest perfume producers
in Europe.

Lead Time

Fast delivery time and full service.


Customer support throughout all the decisional steps. Customer support for the compliance with the regulations.


Production capacity of 80,000 pieces
per day.


Products sold
all around the world.


Research & Development

Constant research & development in
the company’s laboratories.


Total area of
11.000 square meters.


The contribution to Artistic Perfumery.

The willing of sharing passion for the art of perfume, has encouraged New Cosmesy to dedicate time and resources to follow-up meetings with customers and to the publication of many articles on several newspapers. An activity that has led the company to intensify personal relationships with the protagonists of the sector with whom it has the pleasure of sharing ideas and projects. New Cosmesy thus becomes a privileged interlocutor also at an internationallevel.